About Us

About Us

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The Dehradun Street

A modern platform used for portraying the happiness of Dehradun and showcasing the unhidden talent in Dehradun & across the world. Giving those a chance who deserve it and are willing, will get a new opportunity to come in the limelight and have fame. It is a place to gain appreciation and knowledge covering the life story of common man whom this paper would make a star or covering the life story of a celebrity who was once a common man covering start up stories and covering the best restaurant, cafes and bakeries it is like an open house which lets everyone in and share their experiences and feelings where everyone can be part of this paper, it is the common man’s paper. Social issues will be a part of this paper and it would be highlighted one by one to make this city better for you and me. So let’s join hands and come together to make this city better and eventually the world, which will be a part of corporate social responsibility. Time to time we will be having events and all the earnings will be used for the social causes. “The Dehradun Street” will be touching your hearts through the things it will talk about; painting and sketches, dancing, music and musicians, photography, Designing, poems and stories, psychology, Foreign language, theatre and drama, bollywood, business, upcoming events, models, health and hygiene along with doctors advice, some political news to create spice and advertisement to make the paper attractive.

Our Mission

To make the city better for you and me along with keeping everyone updated about the happenings of Dehradun and keeping everyone entertained. Eventually making the city greener & cleaner.

Our Vision

First of all you will have to keep patience and imagine for cleaner and greener city, then only this can happen and remember to be positive all the time, for which we will be doing tree plantation activity every week.