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About Us

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The Dehradun Street

A vibrant, youthful platform to showcase the city’s dynamic talent and unprecedented creativity, The Dehradun Street began with a dream. That dream has manifested itself into this newspaper, to give the willing and the deserving a chance and bring them into the limelight. It is a place to gain knowledge and appreciation

When you turn the pages of The Dehradun street, you will feel the nerves of the Dehradun touching your fingers. This tabloid has been a carrier of many thoughts, emotions, imaginations, dreams, aims, success stories, advices, knowledge and heartfelt entertainment. It has been more than 3 years since Suraj Kumar, the founder of The Dehradun Street felt the urge to make a track for his own train of dreams. In his innovation and creativity many writers, graphic designers and well wishers came forward to make it a success story which you see around today. Bringing to the limelight, the nook and corner of the Dehradun with a pinch coverage from other places. This paper is in the heart of many these days. Today when journalism is turning all political and delusional, here is Suraj with an innocent effort to uphold the beauty of Media. He and his team nurtures the newspaper like a gift and produces quality content in diverse topics, you cannot envisage to read about. It is a reflection of a common man. It gave way to social predicaments, keeping you all informed as well. It is like reading about the heart of the city. The team of The Dehradun Street is socially active and do their part of philanthropy in all possible sectors. The creative minds of The Dehradun Street give you the news and views from the Universe of art, poetry, music, literature, drama, Bollywood, theatre, spirituality, health, Media itself and much more. It gives you a stage to be a speaker of mind and an orator of your heart!

Our Mission

We believe in connecting the Doonites in one string. To make it cleaner and greener. To bring out the best of the city. We give a platform to voice out and exhibit latent talents, skills and intellect. We provide you from news to views of Dehradun, for Dehradun, from Dehradun.

Our Vision

We see The Dehradun Street to be a nationwide sensation. It will touch the heart everyone while keeping its roots in Dehradun, the branches will spread to other cities and states of the country. It will also stand with people working for the society. We will work for social causes and social upliftment.