Amit Singh Kapoor

Education Career

Q: So how did you start your career and life on camera?

Ans: I started my career in 2012 as a supermodel later I became showstopper for the Maxim international brand which was one of the gretest kick start for me.

Q: What do you feel about your life today and where do you picture yourself in next 20 years?

Ans: For me life right now is all I wanted, I am like on the top of the game at present. In the coming years I see myself amongst the world's top 10 business tycoons, that is my aim!

Q: What made you take up modelling?

Ans: I had a thing for modelling, since a long time, I was passionate about this field and when passion speaks, it does speak volume as you can see.

Q: What is the toughest part about being a model?

Ans: Modelling is a booming industry, there is a lot of competition today, to remain a hot cake in the race you need to prove and improve yourself daily. For this, daily improvement, you can only focus on your professional life, you got to make a lot of sacrifices. These sacrifices make you a complete professional. That is how I reached here

Q: How will you describe life outside india?

Ans:I had a great experience living outside India, not that it is less great here. But one of the biggest difference I noted was, there is a lot of difference in treatment of talent and valuing one’s capabilities in India and outside. People are more professional outside India and they value talents more than we do in India.

Q: If not a model, then what would you be?

Ans: I had not given it a thought, as modelling came to me by default. But yet to answer your question, if at all I had to become something else, it would have been a Doctor!

Q: Whom or what is the inspiration behind your success? Credit goes to whom?

Ans: I believe for everyone Parents are the ultimate inspiration in life, for me it is no different. What I am today, other than my determination, it is the support from my parents that made me what I am today.

Q: If there is one thing you could change in the country, what would that be?

Ans: One thing I had learnt in life and I follow that strictly, we must value and respect women. There arise a disgust in me when I hear about the crimes related to Human trafficking, especially women. I feel sorry for the state we are living in. If I ever get a chance I will surely make a stringent rule or law to punish the rapists. Woman embodies respect, value and she up brings an entire family, we must understand this.

Q: Message for youth?

Ans: One of the most important thing to be successful is determination, the more focused you are to your goal, you will definitely achieve it. Courage and passion are the keys to turn the impossible into possible. All you need to put it a lot of hard work, sincerity and nothing can stop you from what you seek in life!