Anurag Chauhan

“There is enough in this world to fulfil your need,
But there is not enough in this universe for your greed”

Here is an excerpt from an Interview with the Founder of Humans for Humanity & Festival Director of Dehradun Literature Festival - ANURAG CHAUHAN.

Q: : Tell us something about the beginning of this journey?

Ans: : I am a resident of Delhi but I was born and brought up in Dehradun. I did my senior secondary from Summer Valley School in the year 2014. Then I started pursuing Bachelors in Social Work from Amity University. The journey started long ago, growing up seeing my parents, my grandparents always involved in charitable causes has inspired me.

Q: How did you end up being a Social Worker?

Ans: : I always wanted to pursue Social Work, like it was my call. I was already working with NGOs and social sector, but I wanted to make a significant change in society, not for a day, but something concrete, an impact that will last which is why I opted for Bachelors in Social Work. A lot of people have no idea that there is a professional course in Social Work, I got a lot of surprised reactions where people asked me, is that really a course? A lot of people get confused, they mix social work with social service.

Q: What all difficulties you faced in this journey?

Ans: Being a 16 year old, volunteering with organisations, had pros and cons. I was always appreciated for doing what I was by my close ones. What I missed all this while was my teenage, I used to see my friends enjoying at that age, not that I regret it, but I definitely missed it and as it is rightly said time stops for no one.

Q: : What was the major change you brought in your life?

Ans: : I used to be immensely fussy about food, I used to crib about small little things. Being a social worker I have become a person with more contentment where I see my personal problems too small in front of what I observe or deal with in slums, etc.

Q:What is the most propelling issue you are working on?

Ans:: Women sanitation. My thinking is, we will be able to work on women empowerment only when women will be alive, there are over 1 lakh women dying due to poor menstrual hygiene & sanitation. Save the lives of these women before you stand up for women empowerment. It has certainly become a trend to be working on women empowerment while many don’t even know what it is. I have seen myself women using sand, ashes, dry leaves, rugs, jute and dirty cloth during menstruation as periods are considered a dirty process and many die due to infection which leads to cancer. Then the idea came from Goonj and we started making handmade napkins and providing it to women & girls in urban slums, rural villages, tribal areas, govt. schools & colleges free of cost.

Q:Message for the youth of our nation?

Ans::I started social work to feed my soul than just feed my stomach. When you see yourself being a reason for the smiles on others face you will know how it feels to be in that position. Follow your dreams but don’t forget to feed your soul. I believe we all should have individual social responsibility (ISR) and do whatever we are capable. You cannot change the world but start to change.