Interview with Model - Bhupesh Wadhwa

Education Career

Q: What is the best part and worst part about being an actor/model?

Ans: Best part - Traveling, meeting awesome people who teach you and inspire you. Modeling has helped me to open my eyes to other cultures of the world. I would’ve never been able to see the things I’ve seen if I wasn’t a model, in an industry like this the creative visions and exciting ideas have no limits and there are no boundaries when it comes to creating something you love. Every day I feel beyond lucky to live in a world where I’m constantly inspired. Worst part- You can no longer eat your favorite Chole Bhature in the breakfast. Ha-ha

Q: When and how did u started your career and what made you choose modeling?

Ans: To be frank I was an average student in academics. I never took academics seriously but I was passionate about doing extracurricular activities, organizing college fests, events and all. During my college days my interest in modeling grew up more and I started participating in different events. That’s how it all started.

Q: What is Bhupesh off the camera?

Ans: A chill out guy, who love traveling.

Q: What do you think is career growth in acting world?

Ans: Time has changed. Today the possibilities are endless. There is no limit or boundary if you have the right skills, talent and determination to grow. There are many young talents who didn’t have any filmy background but they are doing exceptionally well.

Q: What do you think defines an actor?

Ans: Ability to get into the role or situation and live that better than reality.

Q: Who is your idol and why?

Ans: Ranveer Singh, because of his energy, style and the way he has established himself in the industry.

Q: What is that one thing you want to change in your past?

Ans: I would like to bring my dad back and see me getting successful.

Q: Being a Full time model has its perks but what did it take to be part of this industry?

Ans: The life of a fashion model sounds glamorous – from photo shoots in high-end designer clothing to visit amazing destinations but the journey to the top of the fashion world as a model, however, is a highly competitive one, and chances of becoming successful enough in the industry to be a full-time model can be slim. You need to be much disciplined, you need to work harder, you need to continuously learn and up your style game.

Q: What was your parent’s reaction to take modeling as a career and not some basic regular job?

Ans: Oh they loved my decision and hugged me at first place. Ha-ha it didn’t happen that way. Like every other parents they were little unhappy, little concerned because I chose to travel on an unconventional path.

Q: How did Punjab University shape your career?

Ans: Punjab University has played a very crucial part in shaping my career. I got unbelievable exposure, it really helped me develop a great personality.

Q. What if you woke up and found out someone had shaved your beard?

Ans: I’ll burn everyone’s beard ha-ha.

Q. Any piece of advice for youth.

Ans: Chase your passion. Do what you want to do in life. Stay away from drugs and stay healthy.