Deepak Kashyap

Deepak Kashyap has been doing Motivational Speaking for 7 long years and is also into Stand-up Comedy for 3 months. He loves talking about the four Ps; Philosophy, Psychology, Politics & Physiology.

Q: How is Psychology different from Psychiatry?

Ans: Psychiatry is the study of the organ brain and we, psychologists specialises in the function of the brain that is the mind.

Q: What inspired you to be part of this profession?

Ans: I wanted to be in this profession because I wanted to understand mind and how does this work. Growing up as a gay man, I wanted to know how do we feel, am I the only one feeling like this? Can this change? If not, then how to accept it? How to live life confidently?

Q: How do you help people in developing their productivity?

Ans: I first figure out what their goals are and what are their methods in working towards it? Then I see what all new things can be added or are missing? And what existing strength needs to be built on? I check the health of their goals, figure their philosophy and work on their self confidence, behavioural, emotional and other backdrops needed. Affect is cognitive.

Q: What do you think is the biggest reason for stress in youth these days?

Ans: The main reason behind the stress is the habit of contrasting and comparing with other people’s lives.

Q: How do you think we can rectify it?

Ans: We need to have acceptance, we need to improve aspects. We need to get inspire, but should not do adaption or copying. We should evolve from self into a better social being.

Q: What is the meaning of the word “peace” for you?

Ans: The meaning of the word peace is to accept life as it comes.

Q: Any message for youth?

Ans: Try to look for, how unique you are and accept it. You don’t have to look like anyone on Facebook or Instagram, you have to be you. It is your life; you have to live it on your own terms.

Q: Would you like to add something?

Ans: I would like to give a message for the queer youth. You should accept your sexuality. Do not doubt yourself; work on your talents and live life like you want to be. Don’t bother about what people say and relate you with, your life is yours and you have to handle it in your own way.