“Everybody deserves to live an Abundant life. They only have to make that Choice “
Dr. Ashish Narayankar

For more than a Decade now Dr. Ashish Narayankar has touched and changed more than hundred thousand people’s lives. He has seen transformations and witnessed innumerable Miracles in this journey. His clients call him “The Magician “, “a life Changer”, “Guardian Angel “, and by many more adjectives but he loves to be called just by his name – Ashish.


As a little boy Dr Ashish always dreamt of being a medical doctor, curing people and seeing them out of their sufferings and Happy. So, when he joined the medical college in his city Mumbai, little did he know at that time that the universe had a special plan for him.

He wanted to be a surgeon after his graduation, but when he was in his 10th standard, he was diagnosed with allergic Rhinitis and bronchial asthma. This was a huge setback for him to pursue his dreams as a surgeon as he would have a cold and Respiratory issues to deal with every single day. Completely exasperated, Ashish was annoyed with his daily attacks and long spells of severe cold and taste numbing medications. He thought that how would he be able to cure and take care of others if he cannot keep himself well...!!

Since he couldn’t pursue his dream career as a surgeon, Dr. Ashish studied Cosmetology from VLCC Healthcare India Pvt Ltd, where he was hired by the founder of the company and as a beauty head, he joined its first branch in Mumbai .With the passage of time Dr. Ashish reached the position Vice President of the company and worked there for over a decade . He was happy working but his health issues still continued.

THE CROSSROADS IN CAREER: In 2009, when Ashish was at the peak of his career, being in his absolute comfort zone, he kept feeling something is missing, incomplete in his life, some which was much needed. He knew that his purpose is much larger and he is yet not on his path. It was like a wakening call for him.

So, in 2009 itself, he resigned from the company and started his first steps towards healing… Healing him Self FIRST He attended several courses. Travelling across the globe and getting trained under the most well-known “masters” of Energy healing, he became proficient in the “Art of Energy Healing”. He became a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist from California Institute of India (now known as EKKA). Later, he did his post-graduation in in Past Life Regression Therapy from TASSO. He also started learning Energy Healings like Theta Healing, Energy medicine, Shamanic healings and many mystical sciences. He learnt Spirit Trance Mediumship from the most reputed “Arthur Findlay College” which is in UK.

THE NEW BEGINNINGs: During one of the healing session his appalling and chronic case of allergy and asthma got completely cured; and it was this moment his faith in the field grew stronger and firm...!! There was no looking back for him. He started working on his clients with a clear intent of giving them results.

His practice grew aggressively from the verbal evidence and the satisfied experiences of his contented clients. Dr. Ashish Narayankar felt a humongous urge to educate the people about overcoming a disease without any medications. Dr. said that disease is nothing but a physical manifestation of thoughts, feelings, and emotions. “WHEN YOU ARE NOT AT EASE, YOU ARE CREATING A DISEASE”, that’s what Dr. Narayankar said.

In 2012, Dr. Ashish started empowering people about energy healings. During this time he came across ACCESS CONCIOUSNESS which helped him change a whole lot of perspectives of life. It brought a major shift in his consciousness and it became his way of life. The Mantra of Access, ”ALL OF LIFE COMES TO ME WITH EASE, JOY AND GLORY”, was something that moved him profoundly and he realized that this was exactly he was looking for.

Past 8 years he has been facilitating thousands of people from all corners of the globe. He has empowered them with techniques and has taught them how to change every aspect into a whole new reality. He believes everyone should once go through this whole 5 days of change and their life will never be the same again. Its one of the most empowering courses anyone can take. His forte is to change people’s financial reality.

Ashish continues to evolve with the passing time and his life journey which is full of possibilities. He believes that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

He is often called a “MAGICIAN” by his innumerable satisfied clients, but he in turn believes that the “MAGIC” lies within all of us, all we need to do is acknowledge it and awaken it.

HIS WORK AS A HEALER: Dr. Ashish Narayankar regularly conducts workshops on different platforms which is attended by various people from various fields and well-known celebrities as well. His forte is to change people’s financial reality. He takes up personal sessions at his center “MECCA OF MIRACLES “which is in Mumbai. His passion is to work with the spirit world “the unseen world “and He is now specialized in “spirit guided trance mediumship healing sessions” where healing is done by spiritual beings through him. He also teaches people about the Spirit Realm, how to develop our Psychic abilities and connect with the beings of light. Isn't it interesting?

He believes that as the Consciousness of the planet is shifting, it’s time for each individual also upgrades themselves and be on the path of conscious living. Once you realize that you create everything in your life then you can CHOOSE the kind of life you would like to live. More ease? more joy or suffering?

His greatest achievements lie in the contentment of his clients, who attend his session from all over the world through word of mouth.


Dr. Ashish , who grew up with a thought to be a surgeon, with an aim to cure people’s miseries and disease; now believes that the ENERGY MEDICINE is the medicine of future!!

His mission as of now is to teach and empower as many people as possible and help them create a life of ease and abundance. He firmly believes, “Everybody deserves to live an Abundant life. they only have to make that Choice “