Karan Oberoi (KO)

Q: Tell us something about yourself?

Ans:Karan Oberoi also known as KO was born and brought up in New Delhi. I completed my graduation in B.Com(hons) from SGGS college of commerce, university of Delhi, after completing my graduation I did one year PG diploma in mass media from DU followed by 2 years regular degree course in MBA (international business) from AIBS Noida. I never thought of becoming a model or an actor but yes I have done theatre in college. I just wanted to have a regular career like every other guy and was doing well as a graphic designer before I got into modelling.

Q: Who is Karan Off the camera?

Ans: Actually the fact is people don’t know much about me. You know most people think as I am a model so must be really fun loving and all. But to be honest I don’t drink and smoke in fact. I don’t party much and I don’t do clubbing at all, I focus on my work. I am a very simple, disciplined and hardworking guy. I am very health conscious. I eat properly, keep my schedule strict and manage my work properly. I manage time perfectly and I am very proud of it.

Q: When did you start your career and what made you choose modelling?

Ans: Actually, I was working with a top prestigious advertising agency as a graphic designer, so while doing that I got one ad where I was supposed to do modelling stuff, and I got a good amount. Somewhere in my mind, I really wanted to do something interesting like modelling rather being on the back seat and creating print ads. I really had the spirit and I wanted to do something big and interesting. I was working there 8am to 11pm, so I realized that if this can work in such a great way for me so why not go into this. Before jumping into modelling, I did theatre and joined an acting school too, so acting was going parallel to my modelling stuff.

Q: Any message for youth?

Ans: If u are striving to become an actor or model. It’s a tough field with cut throat competition, so be patient and keep grooming yourself in every aspect related to it; weather its looks, fitness or skills. Best of luck!!