Rohit Khandelwal

“A man of struggle and hard work, here are some golden words from our very own"
-Rohit Khandelwal….

Q: Your journey so far?

Ans: I was born and brought up in Hyderabad. I moved Mumbai in the year 2012 when I was 20 years old and I started struggling for modelling and acting both. I knew eventually I would be an actor, to survive I started taking up a lot of modelling jobs. I began with petty ones, but I grew rapidly. In Mumbai, everything is very fast and you grow up quickly. I never decided Mr. India until 2 years back, I thought I can give it a try I worked really hard for it. Later, the big game came into the picture, it was Mr. World for which I worked ten times harder. I was obsessed with winning it. And I did win it!!

This year my debut movie will be released and I am very excited about it.

Q: The role of your family in your journey...

Ans: Initially, my parents weren’t sure about my moving Mumbai. It was not a complete denial, but they were concerned about me. But things changed for better and my career shaped well in Mumbai. When they saw me in YEH HAI AASHIQI, they started garnering more faith in me and my talent. And finally became the ultimate supporter.

Q: If you get a chance to go back 10 years in time, would you choose a different line for yourself?

Ans: If I go 10 years back, I would choose a life of a sportsman because that is something I missed . It is great to be a sportsman, it keeps you mentally and physically fit.

Q: Is there any mistake which you did in the past and you regret?

Ans: None, that I can think of! There has been no blunders which can be regretted, but I made many mistakes like everyone. But I started learning from it.

Q: Your strength in the career growth is…..

Ans:I think it is my passion towards this field that was so strong, day in and day out I used to only focus on body building. Actually, I would say your passion can only make you work hard for something.

Q: Your idol?

Ans:Shah Rukh khan is my all time favourite. But among new talents I follow Shushant Singh Rajput. He also worked very hard to be where he is now!

Q: A tagline for the youth….

Ans: To youth, I would say don’t listen to what people say just believe in yourself. You should be strong and follow your heart . Patience is the keyword!!