Salman Khan

The energetic and magnetic Salman Khan says it is very difficult to be the “Salman Khan”. Do you want to know why he is not married yet? You won’t believe what he said about it, read on to find more and more interesting things about Salman and “Being Human”!!

Salman has a golden heart and everyone knows his gigs and exceptional smart answers makes him unique in Bollywood. Here is a small excerpt from a recent interview of our very own Salman Bhai…

Q: Whatever you have achieved is quite unparalleled and beyond the reach of many of the leading names of Bollywood, your recent release is a classy example of the same. Not just in India, you are winning hearts in China also. So what is your take on that?

Ans: I will tell you one thing, it may have been 30 odd years since Maine Pyar Kiya, but I still feel it like yesterday. The time had flown. I still remember I was doing a commercial and the girl with me in the commercial was auditioning for Bhagyashri’s role, she recommended me there, then one of my father’s close associates suggested my name to Rajshree Productions. There were a few others as well who recommended my name for that movie and eventually I got a call from there, from Suraj. Then I went there, If these recommendations would not have happened, my life’s journey would have been completely different from what it is today. My journey started with Maine Pyar kiya and took so many turns to be here. Well! While I was growing up, it was not about me, there was another person who delivered a great hit and he stayed in my locality in Bandra, he was Aamir Khan. My only concern was that I would be made fun of in my group if I am unable to get the hit like he did, so that was my major concern, we kind of started off almost together.

Q: : The self sustaining and the propelling organisation of “Being Human”, is becoming a model in the society, it is emerging as a new phenomenon, throw some light on that too.

Ans: First thought behind this whole thing is “to give”. I still remember an incident when one of my father’s friends visited us and while he had dinner, the food was finished and my dad literally placed Sohail on the table and said “ Ab Yahii bcha hai” (only this is left). It was a funny moment to remember, but we have seen our parents giving and contributing to the society. All of us came up with this name “ Being Human”. And we just got slightly more organised, what use to happen is people use to come and lie to us and take help. That is gone, now we don’t encourage lavish needs and requirements. We just make sure we are targeting the real needy groups only. Like people ask a huge amount of money to get their daughter’s married, we don’t encourage that, my father got married in just 180 rupees. It is more like Suraj’s fault, he showcases such lavish weddings. It is shown so much money is spent in getting married, I can’t afford, see that is why I am still unmarried!!

Q: : The name “ Being Human” is an excellent idea, it speaks so much about it, so it helps in promotion and all?

Ans: Well, it is an interesting story, one of my friends designed a T-shirt called Human Being, and I was having some drink on the other side and from my place I somehow read it in inverse order and that is how this name came up. And we were looking for a name of the trust, I immediately rang my sister to tell her that I got the name. Alveera thought it was a great idea. But when you start a charitable trust, you need money to help so I asked my friends to help out, some of my friends and Co stars contributed, then I realise that I would lose my friends like this, as I am asking them for money which hampers close association. So I realised if you need to do charity, you ought to do it on your own. Then I came up with the idea of painting, at a movie launch I wore a t-shirt with my painting on it. Later I found it flooded the market, then I realised that we can start up with a clothing brand. Everything that I started with Being Human was at a small level. We tied up with an apparel brand and made three colours for the T-shirt and they were sold like hot cake. It was not even known then that it was my brand, but the name “Being Human” somewhere touched people and it sold like anything. Then it grew stronger and popular, and today we are known as a clothing brand supporting the NGO. So whatever profit comes from the clothing brand, jewellery and now we have introduced e cycle later we would come up with gym equipments as well, the profit is first given for the taxes and the rest of it to the charity directly. So “Being Human”should live on and on…

Q: I have been puzzled ever and I am sure many people wants to know, since when this “Bhai” connotation is used with your name? And what is the mystery behind it?

Ans:Earlier, that was used for a “Dabangg” kind of a guy, it was a negative connotation, to be related to the underworld and all. But as Sohail calls me Bhai, so all his friends started me Bhai, even with time seniors started calling me Bhai. But sometimes you meet people you really like and at that point of time, Bhai word seems not so good you know!! With some more thought over how one must follow his/her dreams and work on the idea a person carries, how to take risks and all, this enchanting conversation went on with Salman for a long time. It is always good to know the people we idolise are all the more worthy when they spread positive ideas and encourage people to set goals, they set examples and make us realise the potential in us!