Surjit Saha - The man of many words and enlightening aura…..

Surjit Saha, a talented actor, fitness expert and a humble soul was in a heart to heart conversation with our team. Here is the gist of the interesting talk we had with him over a cup of coffee!!

The talented and extremely humble, Surjit Saha was brought up in the city of joy Kolkata. He is the youngest member of small yet loving family of four, consisting of his mother, father and his elder brother who is a chef by profession and is settled in abroad. He pursued fashion designing after he was through with his school and then he got an opportunity to work as an actor and thereafter his journey begun. He was also a part of Mr. India, World (TOI).

During his childhood, he was a big fan of popular shows like KHICHDI and SARABHAI v/s SARABHAI. He further adds that it was the turning point in his life when he got a call from the director of his favourite shows Mr. Atish Kapadia, for a meeting and how he saw the hidden potential in him. It was like a dream come true. Later he got to work in Atish’s show BADI DOOR SE AYE HAI in an ensemble cast of SAB TV. He was new to Mumbai; just completed his college and was all set for an actor’s life. Since it was a comedy show and he was doing a comedy role too, it was fun to be the part of these shows.

He believes that it is important to keep ones’ eyes in the sky and feet on the ground; and to stay rooted and down to earth, he has always seen the positive aspects of whatever he has come across and that’s why he feels that there are no low keys in his career so far. He admits that life has always been kind to him.

Moving ahead Surjit discloses the fact that as of now he’s very new and young in the industry, but he wishes to portray negative roles in the future; not exactly in a genre of action, but negative roles in context of mystery; portrayal of characters which are sly and mysterious are one of his choices.

He also shares his best times on the sets of BADI DOOR SE AAYE HAI. He reminisces the time during the shooting when once they went out for an outdoor shoot for four to five days at a water theme park. They all lived in a resort, and used to shoot during the daytime and got to ride all the rides for free again and again and that too with VIP treatment. It was like a childhood fantasy being fulfilled. The evenings lit up with smiles and fun all around when the cast and crew used to join to hang out and enjoyed singing, dancing and eating.

He adds that being fit is having a sound health. He says that all the additional benefits that it comes with, that is the transformation in the appearance of personality, are all secondary. He further adds that mind is the sole bearer of everything in life and not only it’s just “a healthy mind that lies in a healthy body” but actually it’s the healthy mind which is responsible for the proper functioning of the body. According to him, mental health is primary. Physical activities like yoga, gym work out or maybe just a run or brisk walk on a daily basis helps us to keep our mind fresh and healthy as it releases anxiety and keeps us away from the day to day stress.

Being a spiritual person, Surjit says he is energy sensitive and the first thing he notices in any person or anything he comes across is their immediate vibe. He says that he believes in his instincts.

He concludes by talking about how the industry is very uncertain and hence the new aspiring actors should learn the art of acting very nicely and finely. While talking about the aspiring actors he advises them to always have a backup plan as it’ll not always be a cakewalk and there could be a lot of struggle and may be total rejection at times, therefore one must have something to hold on if necessary. Acting is not all about good looks and well built, but it is the art of knowing your inner self, he adds. To believe in yourself and to look upon anything and everything with a positive attitude is must and to be obvious its ultimately the hard work and the efforts one put in so far that brings you near to your goal and eventually to success. It’s equally important to be open to all possibilities and give everything a chance. Its destiny and life that’ll take you through your journey and will lead you to your perfect destination. Surjit says that his unconventional teacher is TIME as it teaches you everything. It’s the best healer and guide us with experience…….